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Central/Western Nebraska Partnership
For Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Educational interpreters working in the public schools in the State of Nebraska are required to have an EIPA rating of 3.5 or above.   In order to comply with this law, the Central Western Nebraska Partnership (CWNP) sponsors mentoring and workshops for the educational interpreters through Boys Town in addition to the mentoring provided by CWNP's mentor, Paula Rutten.  This training is provided to help the interpreters improve their skills, if they have not achieved a 3.5 level.   It is also a vital part of the professional development for those interpreters at or above the required 3.5 skill level.

Trainings and Workshops are provided to help interpreters meet the 3.5 EIPA requirement to be a Rule 51 qualified interpreters. Trainings and workshops are also provided to interpreters who have met the 3.5 level requirement to help them further their skills and maintain their required professional development hours. For more information about trainings, please see our Calendar of Events