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Central/Western Nebraska Partnership
For Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

When the Regional Programs were established, professionals, students and parents recognized that the social needs of students who are deaf or hard of of hearing are not fully met through the public school programs. This occurs only because of the communication barriers due to their communication modes or lack of accurate hearing. Therefore, the regional programs set aside funds to provide activities that allow students who are deaf or hard of hearing to get together for both social and educational development in a barrier free environment. Since 1998, the Regional Programs have sponsored statewide activities yearly. While these are continuously altering, the following is the typical activity, month and city that they occur in:

            Fall Outing-September
            Space Camp (every 3 years)-Hutchinson, KS-November
            Arts Festival-March/April
            Optimist Communication-March/April
            Camp Anderson-July
            Close Up (every 3 years)-Washington DC-Varies
            Young Americans (every 3 years)-Varies

Additional activites are planned throughout the CWNP region during the school year.